Genesis 3:1-8

I sometimes ask the Almighty to help me remember that I am not God so I will act accordingly.

Frankly, neither asking for that or doing it comes easily to me. Something in me yearns to become like God. That is, I want to understand everything there is to understand, not only about myself but about others and the world. I want to see clearly what is right, what is wrong, and fix whatever needs fixing. 

My limits frustrate me. I confess that I sometimes overreach and try to play God in my life and the lives of others. I’m especially apt to do this when I feel as if God is off somewhere else and I am on my own. 

Of course, sooner or later God walks back into my life. I sometimes find this alarming, and try to hide from God. That never works; God knows my favorite hiding places and always finds me.

On occasion, though, I decide not to hide but to come clean, telling God what I did and leaning into God’s mercy. When I do so, I find forgiveness and renewal. It is as if God says to me, “My child, there’s no going back, but we can go forward. Learn from what you have done. Embrace humility. Practice compassion, love, and patience. Leave transformation to me.”

And again I pray to God, “Help me remember I am not God and to act accordingly.”


When have you tried to play God in your own life or in the life of someone else? What might change in you if you leave transformation to God?


Creator God, help me remember that I am not you so that I will act accordingly. Amen.

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