Genesis 1:26-31

I think my grandfather and God had a lot in common. Yes, my grandfather was a blessed child of God, created in God’s image, as we all are. But I see such strong similarities to God in my grandfather’s intentional way of giving a gift.

My grandfather took up woodworking later in his life. A different part of him came alive as he sawed, carved, and sanded. Every scrap of wood had unrefined potential. Each imperfection sparked inspiration for a new project, whether that was a box, table, or picture frame.

He loved the creating process and rarely started a project without its intended recipient in mind. Before the convenience of smart phones, disposable cameras documented each step of his projects. He sketched them, noting certain colorings, grain patterns, and knots. He listed which tools he used. He usually based entire projects around incorporating a specific feature or highlighting a flaw in the wood, because that made the piece unique and special.

When a project was complete, he developed the photos and made a scrapbook with all his sketches, notes, photos, and nubs of worn sandpaper. Then he gave it to the one he created it for. Whether a table or a tissue box, he presented it as though this was the rarest gift to ever exist because it was made with the receiver in mind.

When I read today’s text, I picture God going through the scrapbook of Creation, remembering all of God’s ideas, rereading notes about how God decided what a plant would be, how the cardiovascular system would work in mammals, or the bizarre thought that led to an armadillo. I see how generously God gave the most precious gifts that ever existed to the ones God created them for.


What talents do I have to offer? How can I be intentional about focusing on the receiver of my gifts?


God of purposeful intention, help me to mirror your generosity with my talents, offerings, and gifts. Amen.

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