Genesis 22:13-14

“I can’t seem to do anything well,” he said. I suspect many agreed with his assessment. He had tried his hand at accounting, sales, and public relations. For a number of reasons, none of his ventures met with success.

“Tell me some stories of the times in your life you’ve felt most alive and useful,” I suggested. At first, he insisted he couldn’t recall any such episodes. Over time, and with a bit of encouragement, he began to remember some stories. Once he shared a few, other stories came to mind. A pattern emerged. Each tale centered in a time when he listened closely to another person’s story, then helped them identify their feelings, better understand the dynamics of the situation, and start to fashion a way forward.

When he paid attention to his life story, he discovered his calling. He ultimately became a counselor and continues to practice this vocation today.

Not too long ago, he shared something he had learned from the experience.

“For a long time,” he said, “I tried to fit myself into vocations for which I was not gifted. When I finally found my calling, I realized God had already given me the raw gifts I needed to pursue it. Of course, I needed training and supervision to hone those gifts, but they were already there, just waiting to be found and accepted. God had already provided me with what I needed to follow God’s will for my life.”


Have you sought to discover your God-given gifts? Might this discovery help you better understand God’s purpose for your life?


God, help us see clearly the ways in which you have provided what we need to live the life you have in mind for us. Amen.

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