Psalm 118:1-4, 14-24

Are you someone who needs things repeated a few times before you
get it? Maybe you’re like me and have to say, “I wasn’t listening,
please tell me again” more often than you would like. If so, then this
psalm is for you! It uses a poetic device called parallelism to repeat
the same concept in different ways. Over and over again, the psalmist
is saying, “God’s consistent love endures forever. Let us give thanks
to the Lord!” But do we get it?

I’ve been married for twenty-five years. Over and over again, in a myriad of ways, my spouse has shown that he loves me. But still, because I am a flawed human, I can lose sight of his devotion. I recently came home after a long day of work feeling grumpy. But my beloved had been to the grocery store and cooked dinner without my saying a word. Wow, he really does love me, I thought. Then I chuckled to myself. Twenty-five years and still I need reminding? How many times does God need to remind us of God’s love?

The definitive moments that reveal the abundance of God’s love
for us are those times when God keeps loving us though we have
rejected the divine’s devotion. We see this through the biblical story:
in the steadfastness of God’s creation, in God’s liberation in the
Exodus, in the regathering of God’s people after the Exile, and in the
resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. The stone that we reject
becomes the cornerstone of God’s work in our lives. The holy pattern
repeats itself until we get it. God’s love outlasts our forgetfulness. It
really does endure forever! Let us worship and praise God!


When was the last time you were keenly aware of God’s enduring love for you? How has God shown you love, though you were unaware of it at the time?


I praise you, Holy God, for your unending faithfulness to your creation, to your people everywhere, and to me. Amen.

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