Psalm 18:1-3

My stronghold (v. 2).

As a millennial, I’ve grown up with the evolution of the cell phone. When I was ten, I watched businessmen use cell phones that were the size of bricks. When I was fifteen, my friends had flip phones. And when I was twenty, students started to get smartphones that accessed the internet, had GPS capabilities, and took decent pictures. 

Ten years later, the technology has transformed by leaps and bounds. Home phones, considered targets for telemarketers, are being phased out. But oddly enough, despite all the advances in technology, our fancy cell phones fail us from time to time. We may lose the signal. Our devices can break easily—especially their screens. Our data is more accessible to thieves than ever before. 

When you are in turmoil who are you calling upon? How do you do so? Our phones can be essential instruments when it comes to sending out a cry for help.

But these rectangular pieces of metal that we rely on in times of distress have their limitations. Sometimes if I am in trouble, I submerse myself further into the world instead of retreating from it to find the Divine. When I do this repeatedly, I find myself only more frustrated with the inevitable limits of human solutions. But when I take the time to remember my true strength, my refuge, and my shield, I find that a wellspring of peace never runs dry.


How can you practice the psalmist’s claim that God is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer (v. 2)? In what ways do you need to retreat from the world in order to find strength from the Lord? How is God your stronghold in the middle of chaos?


Stronghold, remind us of your unfailing love and boundless peace in times of distress. Help us feel your presence and strength. Amen.

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