Luke 2:13-14

I’ve always wanted to experience a flash mob, to suddenly be surrounded by a group of people who burst into a well-choreographed song or dance. To be one of the passersby on a town square in Spain when members of the local symphony appear out of the crowd, joining in, a few at a time, to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Or to witness ten, then thirty, then over 100 dancers perform a Lindy Hop to a medley of swing tunes in the middle of the Denver airport at Thanksgiving.

As you watch the faces of the unsuspecting audience members, it’s clear that, at first, they are skeptical of what they see. Then they grow curious. Before long, a contagious joy fills the air. Smiles broaden, camera phones are lifted high, and, though I’ve never been present myself at such an event, I have to believe that the desire to join in the performance, to be one with this creative, intentional wave of goodness, grows increasingly strong. What planning and caring it must take to pull off such a loving interruption in the lives of others, waking them up to the unexpected joys of life.

Perhaps the angels on that hill outside of Bethlehem on a night long ago were the world’s very first flash mob. Their sudden praises caught the shepherds by surprise and terrified them. But their song of glory and peace filled the air, moved the shepherds’ spirits, and woke them up to unexpected joy.


How could you be an intentional, caring flash mob of one today, offering the joy of Christ in unexpected ways?


God, make our lives a flash mob of praise to you, that others may be curious, wake up to your love, and want to join in the song. Amen.

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