Mark 1:9-11

Every year I wonder how we got to New Year’s Eve so quickly. And each year it seems that the months, weeks, and even days are flying by faster. As the mom of two young children, the years seem to pass like the blur of scenery outside the window of a speeding car. Today, many of us will take time to reflect on the previous year. Sure, we’ll remember the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But a random Tuesday in May? Probably not. We know we lived each day of the previous 364, but we don’t have a clear visual of all of them. They flew by too fast. 

Most scholars believe Jesus is around 30 years old when he’s baptized by John. Mark offers no account of those previous twenty-nine years. We know they existed, but we have no clear visual. For Mark’s purposes, they are no more memorable than a random Tuesday in May. And yet, even though the specifics of what occurred in the days leading up to this moment are not necessary, the culmination of his days are because they bring us to this point—to one of the highest moments of Jesus’ life, when God takes the culmination of his days, blesses them, and starts something new.

On this New Year’s Eve, as you look back at the previous year, don’t spend too much time worrying about remembering the specifics. Instead, take a moment to reflect on how God is blessing the culmination of your past days and starting something new. How have you grown? What have you learned? How are you stronger? What good news do you have to share with others that you did not have last year? As you prepare for what God will call you to next, sit and hear God say, “You are my beloved child. With you I am well pleased.”


How have the experiences of this past year better prepared and equipped you to proclaim the good news? How has God been working in you?


Most loving God, thank you for working in our lives. Thank you for showing up at those most important moments. Thank you for working in us and through us, even on the random days. Amen.

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