2 Corinthians 4:1-12

The first time Chloe had ever caught a lightning bug, I told her that we could make it a home and enjoy its light for a night, so she disappeared inside and brought out an armload of potential homes for her temporary pet. There was a jewelry box with a red velvet lining, a paper giftbag with a unicorn on it, and one of her mom’s fancy glasses from the china cabinet. I tried to explain what we needed. “If we want to keep it overnight,” I said, “we need a container with a cover. Something that’s clear, that lets light shine through. I’ve got a pickle jar in my recycling bin.” Chloe was unimpressed.

After reading today’s scripture, we might be too. You and I are
described as clay jars, homes for God’s message to the world. We
carry it around inside us, to share Christ’s light with people we
encounter. I don’t know about you, but I hear that and wonder,
couldn’t God choose a better vessel?

Yet scripture says that we’re not to wait until after a faith make-
over—we’re meant to hold Christ’s light now, even with our cracks
and weaknesses. It’s God’s message and God’s choice. God wanted
the Message put where people could see it, and chose our worn,
weary, joyous lives.

Remind yourself: you don’t have to be anything other than an
ordinary person, a clay jar (flaws included) to carry the message of
God’s relentless love. Accept the joy! Let God shine the light through
all your threadbare places!


How will you share God’s love with people you encounter today?


Dear God, I don’t always feel like the best vehicle for your message. Help me remember that you go with me. Amen.

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