John 2:5-7

How long did the conversation between Jesus and Mary last? Surely longer than the time that it takes to read about it. When Jesus sees the concern on his mother’s face, he responds. When Mary finds an assurance in her son’s eyes, she knows he will meet the need of this moment. She doesn’t know the details about how he is going to do that, but she trusts him. Mary has believed in Jesus all of his life. “Do whatever he tells you,” she says to the servants standing around, unsure what to do (v. 5).

John directs our attention to the six stone water jars that are also standing nearby. Jesus looks closely at these twenty- or thirty-gallon vessels used for purification rites and sees a new possibility for them.

Jesus begins his ministry by taking a familiar religious form and repurposing it. Jesus does not discard the law, but he reinterprets it so that it becomes a pathway to God’s joyfully abundant life instead of a dead-ended legalism. 

“Fill the jars with water,” Jesus says. “And they filled them up to the brim” (v. 7). Do those who draw the water and pour it into the jars feel their hope and expectation rise with the water level? Do they refuse to stop until there’s no room for even one drop more?

The start of a marriage—and the start of a ministry—are crucial times for all involved to celebrate the lavish nature of God’s love. 


When did you last celebrate the lavish love of God?


God, help me follow the path that leads to your abundantly joyful life. Amen.

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