Matthew 6:10

The summer I turned 12, my family moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Lake Wales, Florida. To me, moving to Central Florida meant one thing: being close to Disney World. My middle brother and I had visited the theme park with my mom and grandparents a few years earlier, and the experience so captivated me that I often longed for the escape Disney World offered. Not long after we arrived in Florida in that summer of 1982, Disney opened Epcot Center, expanding their footprint from one park to two. What we first called “Disney World” became the “Magic Kingdom.” While there was much about our move to Florida that I could not have imagined before we arrived, one expectation that did come to fruition was our frequent visits to the Magic Kingdom. During the summer of 1983, several of our friends and their families made the pilgrimage from Texas, and we were able to go multiple times. One of the best days of my young life occurred at the Magic Kingdom that summer as I spent time with cherished friends I missed, riding thrill rides and eating greasy junk food. As it lives in my memory, that day was truly magical.

God’s Kingdom isn’t necessarily magic, but it isn’t wholly realized either. In teaching his disciples to pray, Jesus calls for the Kingdom of God to come to earth just as it is in heaven. We don’t know what God’s Kingdom is like in heaven, but Jesus’ many parables that start “The Kingdom of God is like…” offer us glimpses and clues. We can be sure of one truth: We need here and now what God has designed. Jesus’ prayer calls on us to accept it and usher it in.


What tiny detail of God’s Kingdom could you help bring about today? 


God, help us make this prayer more than words this day. Embolden us to receive your kingdom into our lives here and now, sharing your love with the world. Amen.

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