Matthew 6:22-23

Like many houses of worship, our church moved from having in-person services to livestreaming them online for a while during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ministers like myself not only planned worship each week, we also learned how to stream our services on social media and solve the inevitable technological issues that arose. It was quite the learning experience.

One Sunday morning we had problems with our stream and were troubleshooting the issue. We tried everything to get the stream running, but nothing worked. We went through our checklist one more time and discovered the problem: we hadn’t entered our stream key into the software. This is the simplest, yet most important step in a successful livestream. No wonder we were having problems!

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. A nail in your tire leaves you stranded for hours on the side of the road; a mere spark forms a wildfire; wearing a mask helps slow the spread of a deadly virus. Jesus says, “The eye is the lamp of the body” (v. 22). The eye, that small organ with a large impact. According to a common view in the ancient world, the eye allowed the body’s light (or darkness) to be seen by others. Maybe Jesus’ metaphor inspired future writers to describe the eye as a window to the soul. 

How we tend to the little things in our lives often reveals our spiritual character. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus makes a big deal about tending to small things with great humility and devotion. Perhaps that’s because what we often consider small is far from insignificant.


What small things make a big difference in your life? How do these small things relate or connect to your faith? 


Gracious God, remind us that what seems to us the least is often what matters most in your kingdom. Give us the wisdom to focus on and tend to what is small yet significant. Amen. 

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