Mark 12:35-37

Have you ever heard such uncontrollable squealing that you checked to see whether they were laughing or crying? Last summer I was walking along the shores of Virginia Beach when I heard such squeals. A little boy was holding his dad’s hands as the waves continuously crashed against him. They would have knocked him down if it were not for his dad holding on to him. When I heard his squeals, I had to look to see whether they rose from delight or fear. Fortunately, he was overwhelmingly excited!

As Jesus teaches in the temple courts, a large crowd gathers around him. Jesus, the Messiah, is teaching about the Messiah. The people listen intently as Jesus explains David’s relationship with God and the way the people’s favorite king understood that relationship. As Jesus tells of David speaking with God through the Spirit, the crowd listens with delight (v. 37).

God calls us to listen to Jesus with this same delight. We are to listen with the kind of great anticipation that the little boy at the beach felt as the waves came nearer and nearer, knowing that the impact was immanent and would bring great joy. 

I hope that you experience this same eager expectation as you listen to God. May your experience lead you to respond freely, unreservedly. May your response lead others to look closely at your reaction, understand what causes it, and share in that joy themselves.


Do you listen to Jesus with great delight? Why is this an important practice? 


Loving God, help us listen to you with great delight, knowing that waves of joy and love are heading our way. Amen.

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