Zechariah 8:1-17

The congregation had lost their church—its building structure, anyway. A terrifying storm had demolished the wooden church house that had stood there since the early 1900s. Meeting in different homes for the time being, they deliberated on what
to do. The problem was that they were poor. The church members who did not work in the sugarcane fields worked in construction. It soon became clear that their presumed problem was really the solution to their dilemma: they were familiar with the fields and they were skilled in construction.

Those who farmed the land knew how to assess the ground and could recommend the best place to lay the church’s new foundation. Those who worked in construction knew the best places to find the raw materials they needed. All of them were strong. All were determined. And they did it! They built their new church house, each brick laid with selfless love and unwavering courage.

God promises to save the people of Zion and give them a future. Even though it seems impossible to the remnant of this people in these days, should it also seem impossible to me, says the LORD of hosts?
(v. 6). God tells them, Do not be afraid, but let your hands be strong (v. 13). 

God calls for us to set fear aside and strengthen our hands for the challenges and obstacles that come our way. God has already bestowed upon us the gifts we need to persevere and lay the new foundation. We just need to look within and trust in God.


Make a list of the current challenges in your life. In what areas of life do you want to lay a new foundation? Alongside the obstacles, list the talents God has given you. The solutions may be closer than you think.


God, help me set fear aside and strengthen my hands for the challenges ahead. Help me look within and put my trust in you. Amen.

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