Exodus 3:7-12

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the starship Enterprise is commandeered by a man driven by his desire to seek God. When they arrive at an unknown planet in the center of the galaxy, the landing team is mesmerized by an amazing demonstration of power and the image of an enormous face. They are asked to bring the Enterprise closer to the planet so it can take this being’s essence and power throughout the galaxy. The ship’s captain interrupts with a question no one has thought to ask: “What does God need with a starship?”

Moses is being confronted with the glory of God and hears of a divine plan to free the Hebrew people and give them a new home. We expect exhilaration. We expect awe. We expect Moses to realize that his life’s story has brought him to this moment. We are not prepared for his actual response: “Who, me?”

Moses has tried to help his people once before, and that resulted in a murdered Egyptian and a hasty flight out of Egypt.

Don’t many of us ask the same question? The problems are too large. We are only one person. We want to avoid looking foolish and feeling rejected. We don’t want to lead, only to look behind us and see that no one is following. We want certainty now, not the signs God assures Moses will come later. We too may ask, “What does God need with me?”

I am grateful that God allows me to contribute and participate without being angered by my doubts, deterred by my disbelief, or afraid of my questions.

Are you resisting a challenge? When you suspect God is asking you to take that first step in faith, take it. Your second step may be easier.


How do my past experiences position me to be used by God?


When I am afraid to take action, Lord, help me to trust in your wisdom, and recognize that you will be with me. Amen.

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