Taking-Care-of-BusinessTaking Care of Business is a 6-Week DVD curriculum that addresses the workplace and specific problems areas we’re all familiar with-from dealing with co-workers and superiors while exemplifying Christ, to balancing work and home life. The study begins on Wednesday, October 1 at 6pm in the Conference Room. Cost for the study guide is $10. Call the church office to sign up or use the pew pad on Sunday.




The First Students – A Deeper Look

Beginning October 1st

In conjunction with our Sunday morning worship series on the Twelve Disciples, we’ll be spending Wednesday nights in October and November by revisiting some of the twelve for a deeper study of their story as told in the gospels.  Likewise, we’ll add to the 12 Disciples by looking at a few of the other prominent figures mentioned in the gospels who were among Jesus’ original followers.  Over the two months we’ll focus more on Peter, James & John and Judas among the disciples as well as Martha & Mary, Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus from among the other early students of Jesus. Each week we’ll focus on one figure and the passages connected to them.