Prayer Concerns
• Malinda Chalmers – Laurens Memorial, diverticulitis.
• Jim Davis – now home after stay at NHC with congestive heart failure.
• Pat Henry – home, meeting with doctors about next steps for heart issues.
• Jimmy & Revonda Reames – NHC, both in rehab after recent health challenges.
• Mike & Susan Little – Mike taking cancer treatment, Susan has several health issues.
• Debbie Campbell – Greenville Memorial, recent accident. Will be there several days.
• Francis Feighner – cancer related to her lungs, considering next steps.
• Linda Dickens – recent stroke, slowly recovering.
• Keith Blore – recent procedure for small tumor, considering next steps.
• Wayland Sherman – diagnosed with prostate cancer. Started chemo, doing very well.
• Bryson Davis – recovering at home from four wheeler accident.
• Jim & Elaine Sumeral – homebound, ongoing health issues.
• Allyson Sherer- continues to do well overall, positive recent doctors’ visits.
• Carolyn Madden – cognitive/physical issues.
• Jane Ivey – recent surgery, hopeful to begin to feel better.
• Bill Ramey – continuing to take treatments.
• Joan Owings – NHC, continues to receive care/treatment.

Giving: Thank you for your continued generosity to FBC through your tithes and offerings. Please continue to be faithful to the best of your ability.

Worship Options: We will continue to post a worship service every Sunday on our website and via the FBC Laurens App. You may also listen to our service on WLBG at 11:05 each Sunday morning. In person worship resumes Sunday, June 21.

Youth Outdoor Movie: This Sunday evening, May 31 at 6:30 on the FBC Parking Lot. Pick up your own dinner, bring an outdoor chair and join us to watch the new live action version of The Lion King on the big screen.

Sunday Evening Vespers: Sunday evenings June 7 & 14 at 6pm on the parking lot. Bring an outdoor chair, food and join us to fellowship and have a brief time of worship together. We will sit an appropriate space apart to practice good social distancing.

FBC Deacon Nominations/Elections: Have been postponed until we can be back together in person. Once normal programming resumes new dates will be set for both the nomination and the election process.

Reflecting Together
John 9:1-7

“He did it!” was the chorus of blame that came from the six young boys, as they were confronted by the owner of the home whose large picture window had just been shattered into a million pieces. Such was the case on a sweltering summer afternoon when one of the boys, during a baseball game among friends, had sent a line drive dead center into the middle of that window.

Looking back, I realize that on that day I had observed human nature at its very core. In almost every shattering in life, our inner desire is to look for who is at fault. Before seeking a solution, we seek a person to blame.

This was the case with the disciples in today’s passage. When they passed a man born blind, they couldn’t help but ask: “Who is to blame? Is it the parents? A secondhand punishment for the sins of the community” Jesus answered, “No one. This man’s blindness happened so that that God’s glory could be revealed.“

Sickness, disease, and defect are not necessarily the result of personal sin (consider the story of Job). Sometimes God allows negative conditions and circumstances in our lives in order to accomplish positive goals: our good, His glory, and bringing benefit to others. In this instance, the word of God (i.e., saliva from Jesus’ mouth) was mixed with humanity (i.e., dirt from which man was created) to provide the basis for a miracle.

In every tragedy, illness, or downturn, we can look to blame someone or allow it to be another opportunity for God to work. Blame is easy. It requires absolutely no faith whatsoever to blame.

The hard road is better. The glory goes to God when we allow Him to provide the miracle in the middle of our mess, no matter who is to blame. Every adversity becomes a golden opportunity for grace and wonder.

Who is your scapegoat today? We can be sure that God is not interested in our attempts to blame others, but, He is deeply interested in how we will redeem the difficult times for His glory.

Consider this:

• How can blaming others keep us from growing in our faith?

• How can we keep ourselves from the habit of blaming others?

• How can you be an instrument of God’s glory in the mess around you right now?

• Why do you think Jesus chose to heal the way He did?

Prayer: God, thank you for loving me the way that you do. Thank you for the gift of your mercy and grace. Forgive me for the times when my first reaction to negative circumstances has been to blame others. Teach me instead to seek your will and open my eyes to see your glory in everything-good or bad. Help me to make a difference rather than making an argument. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.