Acts 1:12-14

Who is in your community? How often do you get together? What do you do together when you meet?

This Scripture passage is about the importance of gathering together; it’s about the power of community.

It’s also about acknowledging what the community is going through. This group of disciples has been through a lot. They have just witnessed the Ascension of Jesus, and they have experienced the weight of one of their members betraying Jesus. It’s a lot to take in.

Yet, they come together without bickering or fighting. Their community does not break up. It gathers and grows stronger.

We’re part of many communities: church, neighborhood, families, work, and other places where we spend time. Which of your communities are strong enough to continue coming together no matter what happens? Which deepen their ties to each other in order to weather the ups and downs of community life?

I’ve adopted the mindset that every community I’m in is a community of care. My task is to get to know the people in my community and to express my care for them. It’s when I don’t take the time to get to know people that mistrust can arise. The more I get to know them, the more I realize that we are all living complicated lives and doing the best we can. When we support each other on our journeys, we can build stronger communities and develop more stamina to keep moving forward.


How can you help your community come together and deepen the ties within it?


Thank you, God, for each other. Help us to care for one another and build a strong sense of community. Amen.

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