Psalm 18:20-32 

Leap over a wall (v. 29).

Our faith journey is often marked by liminal spaces, those specific moments in time when it feels like heaven and earth meet. A rare feeling that we just experienced God’s presence often accompanies those times. Sometimes it’s a moment when we recognize that God is leading us to something new. Sometimes it comes when we witness a spirit passing from this life to the next. Sometimes it’s a simple but strong gut feeling that God is near. 

I hope and believe that those liminal moments are much more frequent than we realize. Giving us the strength we need to meet our challenges is one way that God is present with us and intercedes in our lives. Think about your life. How many times have you achieved a physical feat that you thought impossible, or gotten through a number of days, weeks, or months that felt unbearable? How many times did you accomplish something that looked unlikely from your perspective? How many times did you climb over an obstacle that seemed insurmountable? 

Our small stature will always make large obstacles seem impossible to overcome. We encounter the limits of our bodies and minds. We know our frailties. But we also know those moments of success that rose out of doubt, moments girded by God’s strength. Our challenge is to see the obstacles we face through God’s eyes, trusting that God will give us the strength to take each step, then leap.


What obstacles in your life seem insurmountable to you right now? How is God strengthening you for these challenges?


God who helps us leap, give us strength for this day. Gird us with your love and divine power to complete impossible tasks. Amen.

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