Psalm 119:33-48

Many years ago, when our family lived in France, our route home from school included a turn off the main avenue that delighted my kids. The first day we took it, I saw the yellow sign marked CHICANE and wondered what it meant. Within seconds, I knew. The steep road zigzagged, sending the kids sliding from side to side in the back seat, bumping against each other, turning their bickering into laughter.

Sometimes today’s world feels like chicanery—foolishness—but not the fun kind. We zig and zag through its wild goose chases to become more powerful or successful or beautiful. We dodge and weave and squeeze down paths we hope will fill up our bank accounts and our lives with whatever everybody else has. Even as we resist, the world’s constant demands are exhausting.

Jesus offers us another way. 

With his guidance, we don’t have to question every step we make. We can trust that God is with us and that we have everything we need. If we can stay on this path, ignoring the world’s calls to come back (the world will always call us back), we won’t have to dodge or weave or squeeze at all. As today’s psalmist writes, I shall walk at liberty (v. 45). What a gift to walk freely down the wide avenue of God’s love!


What zigzag chicanery in your life robs you of time to focus on more important things? What can you do today to get back to the wide avenue Jesus invites you to walk?


Dear Lord, thank you for the treasure of your love. Give me strength to examine the path that my life is taking. Help me turn towards you and your mercy today. Amen.

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