Luke 2:15-18

Come and see. Go and tell. This seems to be the rhythm of life for those who follow Jesus.

I love that the shepherds were so moved by their experience with the angels that they immediately went to Bethlehem to see Jesus for themselves. Uninhibited; without reservation. In those days, shepherds were a castaway group, really. Looked down upon. Thought to be unscrupulous, lowly, and unworthy. 

But God’s invitation into this story empowers the shepherds and gives them worth that their society never would. The divine pull to come and see brought them in from the fringe and allowed them to see themselves in a whole new way: as people who matter.

When they get to the manger, the scene is just as the angels said it would be. And the shepherds tell their story—God’s story—just as it has been told to them, and all who hear it are amazed.

Come and see. Go and tell. The pull and push of the spiritual life.

I think God pulls me to come and see more times than I notice as I rush my way through each day. And I know God pushes me to go and tell far more often than I am willing to act on. Perhaps I think subconsciously that there will be unlimited opportunities to respond to God. Maybe later, after Christmas, when the kids go back to school. Some other time will be a better time.

What I have learned from the shepherds, though, is that the work I am missing out on is not “out there.” I am missing out on the transformational work that God wants to do in me, the chance to come and see how God sees me, to go and tell. My voice matters to God.


Where does God want you to come and see? What does God want you to go and tell?


God, help us to understand that your call is not simply a task on our to-do list, but the reminder that our presence and our witness and our voice matter to you. Amen.

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