1 John 5:1-12

Have you seen that Wendy’s commercial in which a mother and her two sons are lying in a field at night stargazing? She says, “Look! A shooting star! Make a wish!” Jimmy, the older son, wishes for a Wendy’s Biggie Bag with its bacon double stack and more. The younger son says, “Well I wish that everyone all over the world everywhere would just love each other.” “Ok,” the mom says, rolling her eyes, then turns to her eldest, “Really is a great wish, Jimmy.” 

Doesn’t that capture where we are as a people? Love has become an unbelievable wish. Showing love to everyone seems beyond far-fetched. I’ve cried myself to sleep wondering what to do to love this broken world. I’ve felt overwhelmed by the rising number of children experiencing homelessness when their parents kicked them out because of who they love. The percentage of hate groups has risen higher than we have ever seen before. And we know that there are families who wonder where their next meal will come from. All those who suffer are made in the image of God, just as we are.

While we remember and declare that our faith is the ongoing story of those who live out God’s commands no matter what, we struggle with living out God’s love no matter what. Together, we must choose to be holy rather than happy, conflicted rather than comfortable. We must choose the wish of love for all people, all over the world, over the easier comforts within our reach.


What gets in the way of your ability to love no matter what? What does being conflicted rather than comfortable look like for you? How can the Church act so that all people everywhere are taken care of in mind, body, and spirit? 


God, help us maintain constant love for one another. Help us be hospitable without complaining. Help us use the gifts you give us to serve in your strength as a testament to your glory and power. Amen.

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