Micah 5:1-5a

Our congregation has been talking this year about the relationship between our faith and our jobs. We’re asking, “How does our faith enrich our work?” and “How does our work challenge our faith?” 

At the end of one listening session in which a group of lawyers had discussed the most difficult aspects of what they do, we asked, “What could the Church do to help all of us find our purpose and pursue it, whatever our job descriptions are?” 

One attorney explained that what the Church offers is a needed perspective. In the trenches of whatever work we do, the Church shines the light we need when the way is dim. It grounds us in the way of seeking justice.

Micah is speaking to a people under siege; they are in the trenches of battle. But their challenging situation will only be the prelude to their story. The prophet offers a needed perspective to those who are tempted to despair. In the middle of their struggles, Micah brings the vision of a leader who will rise from their small clan of Judah and change the storyline, restoring the people and leading them in the way of peace. 

How could you offer the gift of perspective to someone you know who is entrenched in a challenging situation this season? What might you say or do to remind them that there is more to their story than the pressure they feel? What hope could you bring to anyone who feels under siege? 


Think about people in your community who face intense pressure at this time of year. What encouragement could you offer them today?


God, your story is larger than we see. In times of pressure, when our circumstances are difficult, may the church be a source of your light and perspective, grounding us in the way of peace. Amen.

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