John 2:8-10

Jesus eyes the jars used for religious rites and fills them with a new wine that surpasses all expectations. This is unheard of, says the steward to the bridegroom, who can hardly believe it himself. He had been anticipating the post-party trouble that lay ahead, when the bride would take out her planner to review whose responsibility it had been to order enough. 

Does this couple, who know what they lack, ever realize what Jesus does for them? And when they taste this better wine that they did not order, what will they do with such abundance? Pour it into bottles as mementos for their marriage, reminders of grace that they religiously open on anniversaries? Or will they keep it for those times when they will struggle, reminders of how shame can turn into joy?

The servants know where this good wine comes from (v. 9). This aside from John reminds us that those who serve will understand truths that others will miss. They have been part of this remarkable wedding party gift. They hear Mary tell them to do whatever Jesus says. They see him turn water to wine. Maybe later they will hear him announce that the last will be first, and that he comes not to be served but to serve. Perhaps they remember their glimpse of the abundant life for the rest of their days. And whenever they experience the difficulties of life, maybe they remember the one who met the need of the moment with a joy beyond compare. Maybe, like Mary, they put their trust in Jesus and tell him their concerns. 


When you experience difficulty, how do you seek Christ’s help?


God, remind me that you are the way that leads to abundant life. Be my companion on your path. Amen.

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