Psalm 85

This strong psalm proclaims good news. God has brought healing and renewal to the land, and soon God will speak peace to his people, to his faithful, to those who turn to him in their hearts (v. 8). Envision this as God’s Peace Protest, with God standing tall against anything that prohibits the people’s health or holds us back.

How long must we wait for this protest to be effective? How long will it be until we join God’s effort and respond to the Divine’s dynamic drama seeking peace on behalf of all people?

The psalmist declares that peace will happen whenever and wherever love and truth meet. When they come together, no matter how mundane the setting, you can count on peace to follow. Then there will be an exhilarating moment when righteousness and peace show affection for one another, when Right Living and Whole Living embrace and kiss (v. 10, The Message). Deliverance will transpire when justice and peace join hands (v. 10).

Quakers believe that people of faith must “listen each other into wholeness” to help heal a broken world. 

When we truly listen to those around us, we are listening for God’s voice as well. We listen for God’s nudge or signal that awakens us, that stirs us to life. When I genuinely listen, I hear the sound of God’s peace that is about to pronounce God’s people well. Listening begets wellness and wellbeing. Can you imagine what would happen if we seriously undertook such action?


How is God restoring us again to speak God’s peace to a troubled world?


Pray that God will hear your prayer and light the flame of peace within you.

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