Matthew 5:5

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth (v. 5).

For a period of time, several years ago, I felt like I “had it all.” I had carefully planned and implemented the life I’d envisioned for myself. I had my dream job and a secure home. The people in my life were encouraging and proud of me. I was proud of myself. I felt unstoppable.

Then things started to fall apart. It began with just a few frayed ends here and there. A kind of nagging started to tug at the corner of my heart; something about this life I had built did not feel quite right. Little moments began to turn what I thought was a solid foundation into a house of cards. Instead of seeking God’s wisdom, my initial response was to double down and work harder to preserve what I had created.

Rather than listen to God’s voice in my life, I focused on the accolades from those around me. Rather than trust my gut, I chose pride and ignored all the signs that something needed to change.

After becoming physically ill and having some larger parts of my life unravel, I finally turned to God in the midst of the mess I had created. 

When I read blessed are the meek, I remember that it is okay to be meek and to surrender to God. God is bigger and more powerful than anything we can create on our own. In our pride, we risk the blessing God has set aside for us. In our meekness, God’s power takes center stage.


When has pride gotten in the way of experiencing God’s blessing?


Gracious God, you wait beside me, ever present and always good. Your goodness is true and steadfast. Help me to put aside my worldly ideals so that I can see your vision and experience your blessing. Amen.

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