John 4:27-30

When the disciples arrive and find Jesus in a conversation with this
Samaritan woman at the well, they are astonished. But they keep
quiet, not asking her, “What do you want?” and not asking Jesus,
“Why are you speaking with her?” Maybe the astonishment on their
faces says it all. Maybe their eyes look judgmental as they assess the
situation. Society teaches them that Samaritan women should not be
their conversation partners. Maybe they fear their leader’s response
if they question him on this. Maybe they don’t want to learn that she
too is a valued child of God and Jesus wants to hear her voice.

That’s when the outcast who comes to the well alone each day rushes back to the city acting like an extrovert. She leaves her water jar behind, her purpose for going to the well in the first place. Her new purpose is to seek out those she used to avoid. She has tasted a living water that is changing her, and she wants to share her story with everyone. She tells neighbors who ostracize her, “Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done! He cannot be the Messiah, can he?” (v. 29). And the people follow this once-discarded neighbor out of the city to meet him.

While the disciples kept their mouths shut, this woman does the
work of an evangelist, telling her family and friends about Jesus. No
one stops her and asks for her ordination credentials, her educa-
tional background, or her theological views. Her encounter with
Jesus is credential enough.

Fresh encounters with Christ always give us new purpose and a
new story that we want to share and others want to hear.


What makes you hesitant to tell others what God has done and is doing for you? How could you have a fresh encounter with Christ today?


God, open a door for me to experience you in a new way today. Help me share this discovery with someone else who needs it. Amen.

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