Psalm 118:19-23

Thanks to Disney+, I finally had the pleasure of watching the original Broadway production of Hamilton. I find the musical soundtrack as entertaining as the production itself. I often sing songs like “Helpless,” “Rise Up,” and “My Shot!” (my personal favorite), with lyrics like, 

I am not throwing away my shot

I am not throwing away my shot

Hey yo, I’m just like my country

I’m young, scrappy and hungry

And I’m not throwing away my shot.

If I get the chance to make my own triumphal entry through the gate of the LORD (v. 20), I am not throwing away my shot! I would enter that gate singing. I’d recall how I felt helpless in times of uncertainty, but how I count on the Lord’s presence for God’s steadfast love endures forever.

I would give thanks to the Lord for all the saints who have gone before me to pave the way, for this is the gate through which the righteous shall enter. Martin Luther and Martin Luther King entered those gates. Mother Teresa and Harriet Tubman entered those gates. One day, you and I will rise up like Jesus and enter those gates. Praise is the passcode, but we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to enter. The gates are open for us to praise God this day. We praise God for those who teach us how to do the right things and for those who help our awareness and courage grow. We give thanks to the Lord for those who embrace bold new ways to love their neighbors and refuse hate. 

Give thanks for the persistent way that God’s love is on the move. Don’t miss your shot to offer joy, praise, and thanks to God this day. 


What helps you recognize how God is at work this day? How could you be part of that movement?


God, may I live gratefully, noticing your work and singing your praise. Amen.

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