John 7:37-39

Roan Mountain, TN is one of our family’s favorite places. We took
our kids camping there many times when they were small, and I have
been enamored with the 360-degree mountaintop views for as long as
I can remember.

Even when we finally pass the sign for our destination, I never
feel I’ve arrived until we round the bend and the rushing waters of
the Doe River come into view. The mountaintop views are spectac-
ular, but the Doe River is what brings my spirit to life. Deep calling
out to deep, in some ways. “Spring up, O well, within my soul!
Spring up, O well, and make me whole!” Based on Israel’s song in
Numbers 21, singing this chorus gives voice to my exuberance.

Whether the water moves gently over the rocks or rushes reck-
lessly, overflowing the banks after heavy rains or melting snow, it
speaks life to me. Standing on a rock in the middle of the river and
feeling the ice-cold water rushing over my feet is one of my favorite
things to do. Experiencing life flowing all around me is cleansing,
refreshing, and energizing.

Often people fly fish there, as the river teems with trout. I’ll never
comprehend how this is possible when the water is barely a foot deep
in most places. But maybe, as with God’s Spirit within me, the depth
of the water and its ability to sustain life is not a mystery that I can
solve. My job is to step in, to wonder and delight in it, hear and feel
it, then let it flow through me and refresh my soul.


How can you step into the current of the Spirit that is always flowing within you? What new life might it bring?


Holy God, we are so thirsty so often. Help us discover the spring of living water that flows abundantly within us. Amen.

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