Isaiah 5:7-10

We have come to the explanation of Isaiah’s vineyard song.

God gave God’s people everything they needed: a protected vineyard crafted especially for them to thrive. God expected them to help others in response to the good gifts they had been given. But they didn’t. And so often, I don’t either.

I confess that my perceptions of justice and righteousness are often skewed. I tend to look out for myself and those closest to me. This passage makes me uncomfortable.

I love watching home renovation shows. When I do though, I find myself discontent with the home I have. I dream of ways I could improve it. The truth is, I live in a home with plenty of food and water. I have heat and air conditioning. I have money in the bank and don’t worry about how I will pay for basic life necessities, or many of life’s luxuries. I have an immense network of family and friends that has the capacity to clothe and shelter me should I run into trouble. All of these things are a privilege that many people in the world do not enjoy—some of them in my own neighborhood.

Do I need new kitchen countertops when my neighbors struggle for food or access to healthcare? It takes lots of reflective work and putting myself in situations where I hear the stories of people who do not live with as much wealth and comfort as I do to keep me seeking after the things God loves. It is easier not to confront these troubling truths within myself. It’s easier to keep shopping and dreaming of the things
I want.

But as we see in this passage, the people of God are called to more and God will not allow injustice to go on forever.


What about this passage makes you uncomfortable? Where in your life do you see an opportunity to consider your neighbors’ needs above your own?


God, please align our hearts and lives to your way of justice and love? Amen.

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