1 Samuel 16:11-13

Looking “on the heart,” like God does, can change our view of everything else. Discovering a heart full of hatred in someone we found attractive makes the person look less so. Self-centeredness or greed, once witnessed, is hard to “un-see.” In a similar way, meeting a heart full of wonder makes the sparkle in that person’s eyes more noticeable. A loving heart gets our attention through the encouraging expressions and generous gestures it motivates.

Isn’t it interesting that the writer includes a physical description of David in verse 12, just five verses after God tells Samuel not to look at the outward appearance? Could it be that when we look on the heart, and see the beauty we hope to find within it, we recognize outer strengths in the person as well?

So God makes it clear to Samuel that David is the one to anoint. When Samuel does, the spirit of the LORD came mightily upon David from that day forward (v. 13). 

After completing the search and the call, Samuel returns to Ramah. Was it difficult for him to go back home, knowing that God’s spirit was now on David instead of Saul? 

Or does Samuel experience something in this process that helps him for the rest of his days? Has he learned that looking on the heart changes the way we see everything?


What does it take for us to move beyond judging outward appearances to start considering a person’s heart?


God, teach us to look at others the way you do, so we may know your hope and share your purpose. Amen.

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