1 Kings 12:17-19

King Rehoboam’s story includes drama, personal agendas, warring factions, and political power plays. In some ways, the story echoes what we see in our world today. In the midst of all of the stress and mess, we may overlook the essential missing character in this story and our own.

The Israelites come to consult with their new king, who goes to consult with his older advisors, then with his young friends. So many people in this story are having so many conversations, while one entity is left unaddressed and unconsidered.

Did you notice God’s absence? 

Often times we don’t, whether the story is someone else’s or our own. We busily take matters into our own hands and don’t have time to bother with things like prayer or practicing patience. We cease to believe in God’s providence at work, and effectively declare God irrelevant.

When songwriter Michael W. Smith describes the work of providence, he sings, “Apportioning the power/Weighing all that it entails/Giving us the fulcrum/And a balance to the scales.”

When we pause, when we choose to step away and be still, we are able to find our balance and the fulcrum to change. We finally see the essential character we often miss who stands in our midst, offering to lead, guide, and help us on the way.


What steps could you take to better seek and sense God’s work in the world?


God, open my eyes that I might see the work of your providence in my life, that I might become a partner in your work in the world. Amen.

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