Exodus 7:14-25

Let my people go” (v. 16).

If you met with Moses and Aaron over coffee and started comparing to-do lists, how would the conversation go? Aside from the different millennium in which you live and the new theories of conflict management developed since Egypt had pharaohs, what would you find that you have in common? Maybe you’d discover that whether the subject is Egyptian slavery or modern human trafficking, God is always at work setting people free and stirring God’s people to be involved in this process.

People who serve God spend time problem-solving. A teacher helps students who are “stuck” figure out the tricky math concept so they can turn the page. Patient listeners help their friends discern what they need to do to move forward. Caring families boldly change whatever patterns are binding them, giving up habits that make them less.

Across the ages, the God who instructs Pharaoh to “Let my people go” continues to proclaim those words. God nudges church leaders to identify and resolve whatever is binding their congregations from fulfilling their purpose and embodying their mission. God offers courage and community to help us break free from those chains. What worn-out tradition needs to be put to rest so that a more life-giving one can take hold? What fears keep us from bold initiatives? What lesser concerns about how we appear or how we might fail keep us from trying something important that God wants us to attempt? 

Whether it’s the tyrant from Exodus or some other form of fear, working with God involves releasing people from what binds them.


What is holding you back from a fuller life with God? How could you address that concern today?


God, make me brave enough to name the obstacle that limits my faith and challenge it. Remind me that you’re the One who helps me to do this. Amen.

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