Genesis 28:10-15

Journeying alone into unknown territory can be daunting, especially if you only have minimal instructions. In full disclosure, I do not handle vagueness well. Prior to beginning a task, I need details as to who, what, where, when, why, and how. I’m the type of person that skims the ending before I commit to reading the book. I must know what will happen before I start. When it comes to my journey with the Lord, however, these preferences do not apply.

When Jacob leaves Beersheba for Haran, he uses a stone for a pillow. And during that night, God speaks to Jacob through a dream, reaffirming the covenant that God began with Abraham and Isaac. Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, God assures him (v. 15).

In pursuit of a purpose, I have lived in South Carolina, Georgia, and New Jersey. Each location offered its own level of solitude and discomfort. I cried out for God to send someone to journey alongside me. “God, please send someone to help me through this.” Yet I always traveled alone.

It took years for me to understand what Jacob understood immediately. Even when we travel by ourselves, we are not alone. We walk by faith, depending on God who says, Know that I am with you. Like Jacob, I learned to place my head on the Rock that connects heaven and earth, that immovable, immutable foundation of my life. Resting in God is the only thing that gives me comfort and quiets my anxiety on the journey. I am no longer overwhelmed because the Rock will be with me and keep me wherever I go. This redeeming truth gives me the strength to walk by faith.


What helps you remember that even when you travel by yourself, you are not alone?


Lord, you are the Rock of my salvation. Blessed be the Rock. Amen.

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