“Music can touch the deepest part of our souls. When we hunger for God, music can lead us into worship. When we try to hide from Him, music can melt the walls we have built up around us.”

Music and worship are an important part of the life of our church.

We have a strong desire to serve God through music and to lead others to grow in their faith through worship.

During our worship services, music is presented as an offering to God, not just by our choirs and soloists, but by the entire congregation. As a family of faith, we lift our voices to God in hymns, anthems, and a wide range of special musical selections.
Our music ministry offers something for everyone. If you are passionate about music, or just want to try out something new, you are invited to join us in serving God through music. The heart of our ministry is our Sanctuary Choir, which leads the congregation in worship each Sunday morning. We also offer choirs for all age groups, from preschoolers to senior adults, as well as opportunities for ensembles, instrumentalists, and soloists.

If you want to know more about how you can get involved in music and worship, just call Adair at 864.984.7500 or 864.923.1631 or send her an email.

Children’s Choirs

2-3-year-old choir
4-5-year-old choir
1st-5th grade choir

Our preschool and children’s choirs are led by talented and creative teachers who are committed to sharing God’s love with every child through His gift of music. Your child will learn the basics of music including movement, instruments, singing skills, scripture, Bible stories and music fundamentals.


Music Makers

Music Makers is a great way to teach music fundamentals, a fantastic way to teach teamwork, and it’s one of the best ways to help children understand that there are many ways we worship God. We feel that it is important for children to understand that they are never too young to lead in worship, and they do that when they play handbells, choir chimes, chime bars, and many other instruments in church. And guess what….without even realizing it, they are learning how to read music!


Adult Handbells

There is no better avenue for fellowship and teamwork than ringing in a handbell choir! Adults enjoy a break from their work week as we rehearse (and have a grand time), and they enjoy to opportunity to lead in worship through their gift of music.



Sanctuary Choir

The heart of our ministry is our Sanctuary Choir, which leads the congregation in worship each Sunday morning. The Sanctuary Choir prays each week that God would give them sincere hearts, minds, and voices as they seek to lead others in worship.


Martha Franks Singers

The Martha Franks Singers is our Senior Adult Choir. We partner with our friends at Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Center and enjoy an active and vibrant Senior Adult Choir made up of members of our church and our community.


Fine Arts Institute

One of the finest opportunities we provide for our children is a week-long summer camp we call Fine Arts Institute. God has given our children many talents to develop and use for His glory. During this week of fine arts classes, our children learn how to develop and use the talents and gifts with which God has blessed them, and maybe even discover some new ones!

Last summer, the classes we offered at Fine Arts Institute were: Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Dance, Drama, Drawing, Gardening, Guitar, Handbells, Jewelry-making, Organ, Percussion, Photography, Piano, Pottery-making, Puppets, Recorder, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Sign Language to Music, Violin, Voice, and Woodworking.

 Youth Choir

The youth choir at our church is a vibrant and exciting group of 6th-12th graders. Our youth have the opportunity to learn contemporary music, traditional music, as well as some classical music that they would ordinarily not have a chance to be exposed to. Our youth choir participates in several youth choir festivals during the year to provide them with other opportunities of singing God’s praises with young people from all across the state.

One of the Youth Choir’s favorite events is Festival by the Sea, a Youth Choir Festival sponsored by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina.  The festival grew out of a need to provide high quality choral opportunities for Baptist churches in South Carolina.  The festival is in March each year at Myrtle Beach and has grown into an ecumenical event for churches of many denominations.  Our choir leaves the festival challenged to work harder and strive for greater achievement in our own youth choir program. One of the hallmark features of the festival has been the deeply spiritual worship experiences that have been designed to coincide with the music that has been prepared for the festival. Not only do we learn to sing but we learn to integrate our music into a worship framework that has meaning. Additionally, the festival has provided an opportunity for us to meet others with similar music interests and build relationships that will last for years to come.  Our youth will join 350 other youth choir members from SC, NC, GA and FL, for a weekend of beautiful music and great fun!

Rev. Adair Rogers

has been the Minister of Music since 1995. She has enjoyed seeing the children she worked with in the past, marry, have families of their own, and return to the life of the church to be active in the music ministry and realize the importance of church music for their own children.










If you have questions about our music ministry or want to know more about becoming involved, call Adair at 864.984.7500 or 864.923.1631 or email her. She would love to help you get involved!

Weekly Music Schedule


5:00 pm Youth Handbells
5:30 pm Youth Choir


3:15 pm 1st-5th Grade Handbells


6:00 pm Preschool Choir and 1st-5th Grade Choir
7:00 pm Adult Choir